Informational Forms

I am including for your use ten forms which I provide to my clients to help organize information essential for those who will be responsible for health, financial and other matters after the client’s disability or death. I encourage my clients to complete the first nine forms listed below (and Form No. 10 if they have any minor children) to assist those appointed as executors, trustees, guardians and/or agents under medical and general powers of attorney in handling the matters of their respective responsibilities. In addition, I encourage each of my clients to write a letter or memorandum for those persons, providing any other information which would help them administer the client’s estate.

You can complete the PDF forms in handwriting or complete the Word DOC files on your computer. Use additional sheets or the back of the pages as necessary.

Form Nos. 1 through 4 and 10 may be used by either single persons or a married couple. For Form No. 5, entitled “Financial Data,” two different forms are enclosed–one for individuals and the other for married couples. If you are married, each spouse should use a separate form for Form Nos. 6 through 9.

I have also enclosed two legal forms–an Authorization To Consent To Medical Treatment Of Minor Child(ren) as pdf or as a Word DOC with which you can authorize someone other than a parent to consent to medical treatment of your minor children, and a Declaration of Guardian in the Event of Later Incapacity or Need of Guardian as pdf or as a Word DOC to declare who you would want to serve as your guardian of the person (who would control where you live) and your guardian of the estate (who would control your assets, other than those in trust). Although your assets can be controlled under a general power of attorney as long as there is no guardian, if a court appoints someone to be guardian, the power of attorney would terminate. Your declaration of guardian would help prevent a person from serving as guardian whom you wouldn’t want to serve.

The only forms which must be notarized are those which have a place provided for a notary to sign.

The first five forms will assist not only your executor in the event of your death but also your attorney-in-fact under your general power of attorney or your successor trustee if you have a living trust, in the event of your incapacity. Even though your spouse may know all of the information, he or she may not be able to serve after your death or disability.

Subject Download Files Comment
1. Key Advisors Download PDF
Download Word DOC
Financial, Medical, Religious, etc. advisors
2. Safe Deposit Box Inventory Download PDF
Download Word DOC
If you do not have a safe deposit box now, save this form in the event you rent one in the future.
3. Documents Not in Safe Deposit Box Download PDF
Download Word DOC
List the location of important documents not in a safe deposit box.
4. Household Inventory and Disposition of Certain Personal Property Download PDF
Download Word DOC
Many wills contain a provision that written memoranda may be made requesting that certain items of personal property be distributed to named persons. This form can serve as such a memorandum. A shorter form for disposition of personal property is also attached.
5a. Financial Data Download PDF
Download Word DOC
Financial Data for married persons.
5b. Financial Data Download PDF
Download Word DOC
Financial Data for single persons.
6. Health Care Information Download PDF
Download Word DOC
This will help the person you appointed as agent under your medical power of attorney. Again, your spouse may already know this information, but he or she may become unable to serve, for example if you are in a common accident.
7. Funeral and Burial Directions Download PDF
Download Word DOC
If you have not made arrangements with a funeral home and cemetery, you should consider doing so. By law, prepaid funeral funds are held either in a bank trust account or in an annuity with an insurance company. If you buy a cemetery plot or pre-need funeral plan and want to change to another location, you can usually transfer within the networks of the corporations which now own large chains of funeral homes or the International Cemetery and Funeral Association (over 1800 cemeteries and 2200 funeral homes are members). Substantial savings can be achieved by making a plan in advance.
8. Appointment of Agent To Control Disposition of Remains Download PDF
Download Word DOC
This is a statutory form. The statute requires that it be signed by the appointed agents and notarized.
9. Persons To Notify Download PDF
Download Word DOC
Persons to notify of the time and place of your funeral.
10. Care of Minor Child Download PDF
Download Word DOC
Use a separate form for each child to provide health information. You can cross-reference general information and your desires for the upbringing of all of your children without restating them on each child’s form, for example your religious and educational goals and financial information. Then you can write specific information as appropriate for any child.