What Others Say About Curtis Brown

You did a masterful job in mediating an extraordinary commercial case with one of our clients. I was deeply impressed, not only by how keenly you absorbed the complex facts, but even more by how smoothly you helped the parties get through and beyond their fierce antagonisms from the lawsuit and focus on the future. You did things I do not think one mediator in a hundred could have managed — and were a good sport about it, too. You have rare gifts.

I would be honored to recommend you to anyone, anywhere, who needs a really good mediator.

Charles Hosch
Strasburger & Price, L.L.P.
Dallas, Houston, Mexico City, New York City, Washington, D.C.


After practicing law in Dallas, I started my energy company in 1983 with a close friend of mine as a 50/50 partner. The corporation we formed became very successful. However, my co-owner and I began having serious differences in allocating ownership of mineral interests worth many millions of dollars between ourselves, which led to a breakdown in our relationship.   I felt that I had to file litigation. As both an attorney and a CPA, I knew many attorneys in the Dallas area. The attorney I decided to engage to assist me was Curtis Brown.

This dispute involved complex issues in numerous areas of law. Curtis’ grasp of the issues, thoroughness in fact-finding and abiltiy to communicate positions resulted in the other side wanting to settle. As a result of Curtis’ diligence and optimism, we were able to reach a settlement which gave me complete ownership in the company.

I give my unqualified and wholehearted recommendation of Curtis Brown to anyone.  A good testimonial for Curtis is that the law firm representing my former co-owner asked him to join their firm after the dispute was settled.

David R. Stallard, President
Peck Energy Corporation
Austin, Texas


Curtis Brown mediated a case of mine that I thought had no hope of settling. It was a complex commercial dispute with wounded feelings and high emotions on both sides of the table, as well as big damage claims. Curtis had a thorough understanding of the case, defused the emotional aspects, and eventually got the case settled. Frankly, knowing the parties, I was amazed.

Andy McSwain
Fulbright, Winniford, Bice & Marable
Waco, Texas


Curtis Brown recently served as mediator in a will contest in which our firm was involved. We represented one of several large charitable organizations which was a residual beneficiary under the will. The contest involved a large number of parties represented by eleven (11) attorneys.

Mr. Brown was highly recommended  to us and was appointed by agreement of all the parties. He worked in a very professional and courteous manner. He was a definite asset when we entered mediation and assisted in resolving the matter to the satisfaction of all parties involved. We appreciated his hard work.

Glenda Brewer
Cowles & Thompson
Dallas, Austin, Temple, Tyler, Sherman


It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Curtis L. Brown. I have known Curtis since we were in law school together at the University of Texas. I practiced with Curtis for several years as an associate and as a partner with him. Although we amicably ended our partnership, we still work together from time to time on various projects.

Curtis’ practice has covered a broad range of business and commercial areas, including income and  estate tax law, corporation and partnership law, probate, and commercial litigation. He has handled complex litigation matters in diverse areas.

Curtis has demonstrated a remarkable ability to work with parties in controversies to help them reach mutually-agreeable solutions to complex problems. He is able to listen to people, identify the underlying legal and factual issues, determine the parties’ interests, and present practical solutions to resolve the controversy.

Curtis is a man of utmost integrity. Curtis is trustworthy, and he has a high degree of credibility with his clients, business associates, and friends. His word is his bond.

Donald L. Totusek, Attorney at Law,
Dallas, Texas